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ABENA is a family-owned, Danish manufacturer and wholesaler. Abena has more than 2,000 employees and operates in 90+ markets around the world.

ABENA is headquartered in Aabenraa, Denmark, with a strong presence in 13 countries. ABENA boasts their own production facilities in Denmark, Sweden, and France, and source products from the entire world. Their product assortment of more than 36,000 products makes them a leading provider in user-focused solutions.

ABENA caters to every need, from health care and medical products to products for restaurants and hotels, cleaning and waste management solutions, and so much more.

ABENA has a wide range of products for health & beauty, cleaning and hygiene, chemicals, construction and demolition, foodservice and restaurant equipment.Products:-Product assortment covers more than 36 000 products from over 90 markets worldwide.

The product assortment includes: chemicals; construction & demolition; foodservice & restaurant equipment; & healthcare.

About Abena Video Transcript

Abena is based in the southern part of Denmark we deliver top quality caring solutions to healthcare institutions home care and end users in more than 80 countries big part of our focus is the people in need of care in nursing homes hospitals and clinics around the world.

The scale is indeed different from when Jan’s tub Nielsen founded the company back in 1953 but the basic values of trust and partnership are still the same and ABENA is still family owned today .

Also the basic business model is still the same when our founder rode his bicycle out to local farmers to collect worn down jute sacks repaired and then resold them to his customers he did exactly what a bain as specialist teams are doing today he took the time to understand the needs of the customer used his product know how to find the perfect solution.

And in the end made life easier for the customer today our customers are health care institutions all over the world but we still work from that same basic philosophy our product specialists make it their business to always know more about the products whether developed in our own state-of-the-art production in Denmark, Sweden and France or source through our banners own global sourcing network.

The key word is always the same top quality focusing on the delivery time to our customers buying products has stopped in our warehouses across Europe close to the customer our promise to healthcare buyers staff and the end users is the same ABENA will make life easier and doing business with us will always be a positive experience for the buyer.

We’re a unique one stop shop with the widest healthcare range available anywhere in the market having only one partner saves time and costs we take the term one-stop shop to the limit by offering food service waste paper articles to healthcare customers

We even deliver a wide range of other disposables such as cleaning articles hotel supplies coffee cups and table settings to restaurants cafes hotels and schools for the staff and patients

ABENA is a quality sign of individualized care with all the products needed to surround the patient with the best total caring solution available to nursing homes and hospitals

Our wide range offers incontinence products skin care gloves body wash protective wear bed protection

and wound care

ABENA is proud of our green conscience and eco certified products we are the first producer to have Nordic eco-labels certified incontinence products.

We reuse ninety-five percent of the waste generated in our production factory in Denmark with subsidiaries across Europe and sales companies in the US and China

We have a strong international focus the ways of transportation may be different from when we started but the basic DNA is still the same

We strive to understand our customers offer the best total solution make life easier as we can

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