The Best Pull Ups & Incontinence Underwear for Women

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Looking for incontinence underwear designed for the female contours? We’ve curated the best pull ups designed just for women. No unisex pull ups featured here – just women’s.

Pull Ups are by nature designed to look, feel, and act like underwear. Given that underwear is built for men and women it makes sense that when shopping for adult pull ups that you find one thats built for your body shape.

With adult diapers it’s mostly unisex options because it has tabs and you just wrap it around you. Pull Ups however is where the distinction is found more common. Pull Ups are designed for both nighttime and daytime use. They are designed to be sleek and very low profile.

So if you are looking for low profile pull ups for nighttime or for an active adult that’s looking for sleek underwear style pull up that’s not bulky and clumps up and announces to the world that the wearer has pull ups, then take a look at these sleek, low profile pulls up for women

How to Choose Women’s Pull Ups

When shopping for women’s pull ups, you’ve already made one major branching decision. You know you want pull ups just for women, not diapers. Great! Now there are other choices you can make and it will depend on what the situation calls for.

Diapers or Pull Ups?

Should you go with an adult diaper or a pull up is what you need? It’s important to understand the type and flow of incontinence. See our short quiz to help you decide on what you might need.

Type of Incontinence

What type of incontinence are you dealing with? Urinary incontinence? Bowel incontinence? Light, moderate, or heavy and so much more. It comes down to knowing your situation to help you get the perfect fit and comfort. You should take our incontinence assessment quiz to see what type of incontinence you are dealing with. Most pull ups if not all in this list is designed for urinary incontinence.

Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for more, especially if you are looking for a pull up that can handle bowel incontinence as well.

List of the Best Pull Ups for Women

Depend Fit-Flex Adult Incontinence Underwear for Women

31,280 Ratings

Depend Fit-Flex Women's Pull Ups

This is the clear leader of the pack. And for many reasons. This incontinence underwear for women from Depend gets a 4.7 out of 5 rating from a whopping 31,000 reviews.

Surely, people love this. The price is amazing, along with the features, and the comfort. They all come together bundled up into what seems a perfect pull up for women.
From waist size 24″ to 64″. There’s a size for every woman. It’s unbelievably soft and comes in a feminine blush. Forget the boring white.
Cost per diaper
$0.59 - $1.11
Waist size
24" - 64"

Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Underwear for Women

23,201 Ratings

Always Discreet Pull Up Women's

Women buy these and the love them. Judging from the rating. Bringing in 4.6/5 from a whopping 23, 201 ratings, this has to be something special. But it’s no mystery why.

This Always Discreet pull up for women is sleek and very discreet. It’s amazing how low of a profile it has and it looks like regular underwear.
It turns liquids into gel and this helps with absorbing more than you think it would. And for the price per diaper, no wonder this is a favorite.
This is ideal for overnight, long trips, or heavy and frequent leaks.
Cost per diaper
$0.67 - $1.25
Waist Size
62" - 100"

TENA Intimates Incontinence Underwear for Women

6,146 Ratings

Tena Intimates Women's Pull Ups

These pull ups are designed specifically for nighttime. This means, it is super comfortable so you don’t toss and turn and it is super absorbent – giving you a full night’s rest.

This TENA intimates absorbs liquids quickly, keeping you dry before you even notice anything. It’s very breathable.

Shipped to your home in a discreet package so you can have this dropped of in front of your door without anyone knowing what’s in it.

Cost per diaper
Waist Size
47" - 66"

TENA Incontinence Underwear for Women

7,210 Ratings

Tena Womens Underwear

This incontinence pull up is designed to be very underwear like. Despite how sleek it looks, it is built for heavy absorption. Best for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence bladder leaks.

This underwear is designed for women so if you want the best fit, it’s good to measure your hip and your waist and go with the wider of the two then look up the packaging and go with the right size that fits you.
Cost per diaper
$0.69 - $0.86
Waist size
S. M, L, XL

Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

3,418 Ratings

Depend Silhouette Women's Pull Ups

This pull up instantly locks liquids and odors for maximum protection. It’s made from one of the smoothest fabrics and promises great comfort.

It comes in 5 soft colors: Black, pink, berry, teal, and lavender. These shop to your doorstep in discreet packaging and are FSA eligible.

Cost per diaper
Waist size
S, M, L, XL

What are the various types of adult incontinence products

With so many manufacturers and marketing tactics, the language can be very confusing. Adult diapers are simply diapers that you can open up and wrap around the wearer and then fasten them with tabs. This is why you’ll notice some manufacturers and retailers refer to them as Adult Diapers with Tabs or even briefs.

Adult Pull ups

These on the other hand, are just like underwear and you wear them just like the name suggests. You slide them up. Patients and caregivers might have various needs and in some cases pull ups might work better well as diapers with tabs might be preferred other times.

Now that you know the difference, consider your situation and decide what will work best for you. No reason you can’t switch back and forth. For those with mobility, it might be easy to slide on a pull up like you would normally get dressed.

Compare the Top Pull Ups for Women Side-by-Side

Pull Up

Cost/Pull Up

Rating# RatingsAbsorbency
Depend Fit-Flex Adult Incontinence Underwear for Women$0.59 - $1.114.731,280Maximum
Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Underwear for Women$0.67 - $1.254.623,201Heavy
TENA Intimates Incontinence Underwear for Women$1.024.66,146Heavy
TENA Incontinence Underwear for Women$0.69 - $0.864.37,210Heavy
Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women$0.994.63,418Maximum

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