Incontinence Assessment

Take the short quiz to see what type of incontinence you have

Incontinence Identifier Quiz

This quiz is in no means a medical diagnosis. It does not claim to be accurate. Do not take any medication or any action based on the results of this quiz. Please see your doctor and discuss your situation with them.

13 million Americans suffer from incontinence. Women make up about 85% of those 13 million who suffer from incontinence every day. While incontinence is more common in the elderly, younger people too can suffer from this.

Incontinence can be caused by a number of things. Some incontinence could be caused by injury, bad accident, stroke, or just age. Adult diapers have made great strides in absorbency, odor neutralization, and even cost.

Is you think you suffer from incontinence, take the quiz above to give you an idea of the type of incontinence that is generally associated with those symptoms. Again, please consult with your doctor about this and do not rely on an online quiz.

FeatureDiapersPull Ups
CostAverageMore expensive than diapers
Urinary IncontinenceGreat for all levelsGreat for all levels
Fecal IncontinenceGreat for all levelsNot built for even moderate incontinence
ComfortVery comfortableVery comfortable
MobilityGood for mobilityExtremely great for mobility
DiscreetA bit more bulkierSleek and discreet
Noise while walkingRanges from quiet to rustlingBuilt for mobility. Very quiet.
Ease of wear for selfTakes time to adjust and put onPut on or take off in seconds
Ease of wear for patientEasier to manage for bedriddenNot as easy for patients not mobile

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