Tranquility vs Depend Adult Diapers

Tranquility & Depend are both leading names in adult diapers and incontinence products. Let’s compare both of these great brands.
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Tranquility and Depend are both household names in the adult diaper space. They both produce multiple healthcare products and are both trusted brands and very recognizable.

About Tranquility

Tranquility has been a family owned and operated business for 3 generations now. With Tranquility, you get a more personal feel. The owners are deeply involved in the business. Not quite a mom and pop feel but you know that behind this big company, it is a mom and pop operation – which is something very special as caregiving is a personal journey.

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About Depend

Depend products for adults were introduced in 1984 by Kimberly-Clark, launching the retail incontinence category in the United States. Depend was first tested as the Conform brand in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The first Depend products were liners, which were available in regular and extra absorbencies which could be worn with or without underwear and were held in place by small elastic belts. Depend Shields were introduced in 1984 for mild incontinence in regular and extra absorbencies. Depend has been around for decades now, manufacturing quality products that have been tried and tested, and innovated upon.

Depend is very commonly misspelled as Depends.

Learn more about Depend in their Brand Focused Video

Top 3 Tranquility Products

Without a doubt, Tranquility’s top diaper is its All Through the Night (ATN). For the feature and price, it is definitely difficult to beat. Here are the top 3 adult diapers from Tranquility.

Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Briefs

Tranquility Slimline Original

Available in multiple sizes

Top 3 Depend Products

Depend is not known for adult diapers so this might not be a true apples to apples comparison. Depend however, creates high quality, comfortable, and pretty stylish pull ups for men and women along with pads and such. Here are the three top Depend pull ups.

To summarize, Tranquility definitely has a larger variety of products. From a full catalog of diapers and pull ups to various other incontinence products.

Depend on the other hand focuses more on adult pull ups with a smaller assortment of other incontinence products. Having said that, their assortment and features in the pull up category is unmatched.

Comparison table of the two top selling pull ups from Tranquility & Depend.

Depend Fit-Flex

Depend Fit-Flex

Tranquility Daytime Disposable

Tranquility Premium Overnight

Avg. Per Item$0.59$0.70$1.00$1.00
CapacityNot specifiedNot specified25 oz34 oz

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