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Tranquility® superabsorbent products help people manage even the most challenging incontinence care needs with high-performance protection, so they can enjoy the comfort, confidence and freedom to live well and focus on the things that matter most.

Inspired by personal experiences with loved ones who deserved better incontinence solutions, our family-owned company relentlessly perfects the most absorbent products to provide Real Life Protection for real, everyday demands.

Tranquility Video Transcript

Hi my name is Laurie Micah and I’m an account executive for Tranquility premium incontinence products. The topic of dementia and alzheimer’s is very personal to me. You see i’m a caregiver for a family member who has alzheimer’s.

I know the challenges that caregivers face firsthand I’ve also had the privilege of working with families and individuals faced with an alzheimer’s diagnosis while I worked at the alzheimer’s association. I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of those affected by alzheimer’ and other dementias.

Over the years I’ve worked with professionals and families who are caring for persons with this disease and one thing remains the same caregiving for someone living with alzheimer’s or dementia is not easy as the disease progresses, as the person with dementia moves through the stages of the disease
the brain changes and many common physical functions can change as well.

Including those that govern continence and this is where the tranquility family of products can really help Tranquility’s pull-on style of disposable underwear briefs and pads are extremely absorbent and they’re absorbed enough to handle even the heaviest incontinence episodes and most importantly preserve the dignity of those in your care.

Our premium incontinence products keep skin dry which minimizes bacteria and keeps the wearer comfortable minimizing the risk of uti or skin breakdown our products promote better sleep which improves daytime cognition
as well as overall mood.

Our products allow the wearer to remain active during the day without the risk of leaks and odors. Caregivers will enjoy the benefits of tranquility as well including less laundry fewer changes reducing the stress for you and those in your care if you’re caring for someone with alzheimer’s or dementia trust tranquility when performance matters most thank you for watching.

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