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About Attends Healthcare

Attends Healthcare manufactures many of the most trusted and well-known disposable adult incontinence products.

For over 40 years, Attends has dedicated themselves to creating meaningful product solutions for adults dealing with incontinence. Attends’ mission is to allow their users to sleep comfortably through the night, to maintain healthy skin and to have discretion and dignity for themselves, as well as for those they care for.

Launched in 1980, Attends was the first body-worn disposable brief to be marketed and sold in North America. As the pioneer in the product category, Attends helped to remove some of the negative stigma associated with incontinence. Today, they continue to strive towards leading the way in making the topic of incontinence more mainstream.

Today, Attends is manufactured by Attindas Hygiene Partners.

Attends continues to develop products from start to finish, with hundreds of people involved in the process of turning consumer needs into unique personal care solutions.

They conduct marketing research, utilize some of the best and most innovative materials in market, design beneficial product features, and run laboratory testing & clinical trials to ensure they’re creating the best product for both users and caregivers.

Attends’ goal is for their products is to give users reliable protection to live life with care, comfort and confidence.

The Attends Line of Adult Diapers

Attends designs the products which are then manufactured by Attindas Hygiene Partners which is a global brand.

Like Tranquility, Attends also carries various lines of products; Attends Premier, & Attends Discreet.

The Premier line is really top of the line product. The design is spectacular and the absorption and comfort is unmatched. This is worth checking out! The Discreet line is more sleek and is for mobile adults that want a smaller presence. The absorption level for this line is a 3 out of 6.

The level of detail and design in the Attends Premier line is truly spectacular.


Attends Diaper Premier Design

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