The Best Urinary Incontinence Podcasts

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We’ve curated the best urinary incontinence podcasts for you. If you are new to incontinence, or have been dealing with it for a while, or you are a caregiver, podcasts are a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

Gone are the days when incontinence was an unspoken topic. It might well be the case in many parts of the world. However, there are great podcasters who talk about this topic openly and break down walls of shame.

If you already listen to podcasts then this should be easy to pick up and add to your list of subscriptions. If you aren’t into podcasts yet, then these are a great start.

Where Can You Find Incontinence Podcasts?

You can find incontinence podcasts on all major publishers or even private websites and even YouTube. The main websites for podcasts would be Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Almost every major podcaster is available on these two platforms. Also, most people already have these apps installed so there is no additional app to listen to your favorite incontinence podcast.

How do You Listen to Podcasts?

Listening to a podcast is very easy. For both, Apple and Spotify, you can listen to in your browser on your laptop. You don’t need to sign up for an account. However, if you love a podcast, then you will want to subscribe to it to get regular updates on new episodes and they’re easier to find.

List of the Most Popular Urinary Incontinence Podcasts

Life Without Leaks: NAFC Podcast

Life Without Leaks - NAFC Podcast

Life Without Leaks podcast from the National Association for Continence is one of the newest and much awaited podcasts on incontinence.

PODCAST TOPICS: Hints and tips for better management, insights on state-of-the-art medical care and stories offering hope and guidance for those on the path to drier days.

You can find them on major podcasting networks such as Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocket Casts, Deezer, Listen Notes, Podcast Index, PlayerFM

Why Mums Don't Jump Podcast

Why Mums Don't Jump

Helen Ledwick, the founder of this podcast describes it as “Busting taboos about leaks & lumps after childbirth. A kick ass podcast about incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain.”

Helen is one of those people who openly talks about once dark topics.

PODCAST TOPICS: Incontinence, pelvic pain, all things pelvic floor. 

If you deal with incontinence after childbirth, this is a great podcast to check out.  

The IUGA Podcast

IUGA Podcast

This podcast from the International Urogynecology Association is hosted by Dr. Albert De Decker and member of the IUGA  committee. The goal of this podcast is to enhance the listener’s understanding of urogynecology and aid practitioners in their daily clinical practice.

Topics and guests vary but most interviews are with doctors and other medical professionals. So, if you are looking for a meatier, heavier podcast, this is it.

The Incontinent Veteran

The Incontinent Veteran

As the name suggests, this is hosted by Archer Staley, a veteran with incontinence.

After multiple injuries and losing control over various multiple muscle groups, incontinence became an issue that Archer takes on. This is a great help to both, men and women, especially fellow veterans.

From Archer: This podcast is to help people understand that this is not a taboo or stigma, It is a disability. To show those that have incontinence that you are not alone. I share my everyday experiences and life, as well as some tips. If you have questions, by all means, comment or use the contact form and I will email you back. No one should have to live with incontinence and be ashamed, secluded, ridiculed, or harassed. I want this to be able to help with that.

While it does not appear that this podcast is active anymore, and with only a few episodes, it is a great resource and a quick listen.

Attached to Hygiene Podcast

Attached to Hygiene Incontinence Podcast

Market knowledge is everything in a constantly evolving disposable hygiene market with an ever increasing amount of choice for the consumer.

How do you set yourself apart from the competition, increase sales while lowering costs?

Bostik and guest industry experts provide valuable insight into market and consumer trends, as well as how you, the article producer, can increase your success and reach your business goals, in this new podcast.

The Pelvic Health Podcast

Pelvic Health Podcast

The Pelvic Health podcast is hosted by physiotherapists Lori Forner, Joelene Murdoch, and Tamara Woods.

This podcast caters more toward professionals but it’s also a good listen for the not so embedded in the professional community.

This podcast is a great trove of interviews with professionals and they span the breadth of topics around pelvic health.

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