What's your favorite adult diaper brand?

Everyone has their favorite brand. Which one is yours?

Diapers and pull-ups are both options for children and adults with incontinence. Diapers are often the most cost effective for those with moderate to severe bladder and bowel incontinence, but they don’t last as long as pull-ups. Pull-ups are more like underwear and give the wearer a sense of “fitting in”. Pull-ups come in day/night options, but not all diapers do (some just have plain white sheets).

Diapers and pull ups are worn across all ages and genders. From children to seniors and everyone in between. So when we talk about what the differences are between diapers and pull ups are, we are also talking about adult diapers vs pull ups.

This is not about which one is better and which one wins. This is about which is better for you and your specific situations. Most people will need both and not choose either pull ups or diapers exclusively.

The industry is rife with various terminology for the same products. Here’s how to remember them. This is just some of the terms used in America. Other countries have their own colloquialisms.

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DiapersPull Ups
CostAverageMore expensive than diapers
Urinary IncontinenceGreat for all levelsGreat for all levels
Fecal IncontinenceGreat for all levelsNot built for even moderate incontinence
ComfortVery comfortableVery comfortable
MobilityGood for mobilityExtremely great for mobility
DiscreetA bit more bulkierSleek and discreet
Noise while walkingRanges from quiet to rustlingBuilt for mobility. Very quiet.
Ease of wear for selfTakes time to adjust and put onPut on or take off in seconds
Ease of wear for patientEasier to manage for bedriddenNot as easy for patients not mobile

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