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Curious abut smart adult diapers? They are slowly getting more popular in the marketplace and you might have even seen ads for them. Here’s the best smart adult diapers in the market right now.

Smart adult diapers are diapers with an RFID encased in a hydrogel beneath the nonwoven layer, in the the absorbent layer of the diaper. The chip sits well into the absorbent layer and does not add any discomfort.

When the hydrogel gets wet, it activates the RFID which then transmits data to an app on a smart phone. The RFID is powered by the low electromagnetic charge from the wet hydrogel. You can learn all about smart diapers on our What is a Smart Diaper article.

Top Brands Manufacturing Smart Adult Diapers

Smart adult diapers are yet to make it in the mainstream. There are only a few of the major brands that currently have them available. While we don’t see wider adoption yet, we’re pretty sure the rest of the major brands are not too far from releasing their own lines.

For now, these are the best smart adult diaper and adult diaper brands in the market. Not all these products are available in the US yet.

Abena Nova

Abena Nova Smart Diaper

In the major brands, ABENA is the leader in the smart diaper market. ABENA Nova with MediSens was created to improve the quality of life for people in healthcare.

Nova with MediSens reduces the workload with constant checking by allowing remote monitoring. ABENA’s innovative and unique wearable sensor technology provides real-time and actionable data for timely and personalized continence care. 

ABENA Nova is available in two unique products

1. ABENA Nova Form Premium

Based on ABENA’s Abri-Form incontinence product, ABENA Nova Form Premium is a range of all-in-one briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence. The products feature the Top-dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity.

2. ABENA Nova San Premium

Based on ABENA’s Abri-San, ABENA Nova San Premium is a range of anatomically shaped pads for light to moderate incontinence. The products feature the Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity.

WetSens Monitor app

Abena smart diapers work with the WetSens Monitor app. You can download it on the AppStore.

Watch this video to learn more about ABENA Smart Diapers.

Tena SmartCare

TENA Smart DiaperThe TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ uses the latest technology to help caregivers understand when incontinence products need to be changed if the wearer is unable to communicate their needs. 

The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ is a ground-breaking digital solution that can help transform care for the elderly. The sensor is reusable. It is easily attached to the outside of the absorbent product, tracks the degree of urine saturation. When it is time to consider change, caregivers are notified via the TENA SmartCare Professional Care app in their smartphone. All notifications and other data can be reviewed in the TENA SmartCare dashboard to help care homes follow-up and improve incontinence care.

You can download the TENA SmartCare app from the AppStore or from Google Play.


Smardii Smart Adult Diapers

Smardii can be used as a stand-alone monitoring solution for any adult, incontinent or not.

For people suffering from incontinence, the system is comprised of two parts:

1. Disposable sensor-strips that can be self-applied into any incontinence protection (our solution is brand agnostic), and

2. A reusable, rechargeable, waterproof disk called the Puck.


The Puck transmits critical health data to caregivers so that they can have useful information at their fingertips and provide better care to patients and residents.

Watch this video to learn how Smardii Smart Adult Diapers work

Compare the Top Pull Ups for Women Side-by-Side

Pull Up

Cost/Pull Up

Rating# RatingsAbsorbency
Depend Fit-Flex Adult Incontinence Underwear for Women$0.59 - $1.114.731,280Maximum
Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Underwear for Women$0.67 - $1.254.623,201Heavy
TENA Intimates Incontinence Underwear for Women$1.024.66,146Heavy
TENA Incontinence Underwear for Women$0.69 - $0.864.37,210Heavy
Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women$0.994.63,418Maximum

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