Alternatives to Depend Adult Diapers

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Depend is one of the most trusted household brand names in the adult diaper industry. However, are there alternatives? See the list of the top alternatives to Depend adult diapers.


Depend was founded in 1984 and they’ve been serving the American people some of the best quality adult diapers since then. People know the name and trust Depend as a leader int he adult diaper space.

Depend is known for their heavy absorbency, premium overnight diapers. The Depend Fit-Flex diaper for men and women is one of the best rated diapers. High quality, comfortable, heavy absorbency and at a great price. Depend designs diapers that are very affordable, and this is great because on average, 5 diapers a day are worn.

Depend is part of Kimberly-Clark, also a household name in America and the world.

Before you look for alternatives, it’s important to understand Tranquility offerings.

Depend Offers Products in 3 Categories

  1. Women’s
  2. Men’s
  3. Unisex

Depend Silhouette Women's Pull Ups

Depend Women’s Products

This is mostly if not all pull ups. They are sleek and look and feel just like underwear so you can wear them confidently to work or dancing.

These pull ups are built for the female form. They come in many colors.

Depend Men Dry Shield

Depend Men’s Products

The men’s category from Depend is wide ranging. From shields and guards to it’s popular Fit-Flex product.

Absorbency range from light to ultimate. There’s something for every need.

Depend Protection with Tabs

Depend Unisex Products

The way Depend currently sorts their unisex category is slim compared to its competitors. This isn’t a bad thing at all. It simply means that you can find more specialized products for men and women.

In the unisex category you’ll find under pads and such which have no reason for gender specific options..

See 6 Top Alternatives to Depend



Attends: Adult Incontinence Products

No list is complete without the company that invented the disposable diaper. Attends are true innovators and have been right from the start.

Attends designs the products which are then manufactured by Attindas Hygiene Partners which is a global brand.

Like Tranquility, Attends also carries various lines of products; Attends Premier, & Attends Discreet.

The Premier line is really top of the line product. The design is spectacular and the absorption and comfort is unmatched. This is worth checking out! The Discreet line is more sleek and is for mobile adults that want a smaller presence. The absorption level for this line is a 3 out of 6.



Prevail: Adult Incontinence Products

Prevail is definitely a strong contender. This is a company dedicated to understanding its user base and treating them with empathy. They design some of the worlds best incontinence products.

Like Tranquility, Prevail also manufactures adult diapers, pull ups, under pads, personal care products and more. Prevail focuses more on specificity. Meaning they present their products in clear categories for men, women, and also gender neutral.
As a man or a woman, it feels like you have products built for you. Prevail’s overnight absorbency is a product that is a great alternative to Tranquility’s ever famous ATN adult diaper.

Cardinal Health



Cardinal Health Logo

Cardinal Health is a behemoth of a company, similar to McKesson. Founded in 1971 and headquartered in the U.S.A, they serve the healthcare industry in a plethora of offerings.

Cardinal Health is so big that it bough Medtronic for $6.1 billion. You might be familiar with Covidien adult diapers. Covidien was manufactured by Medtronic which is now Cardinal Health.

This diaper business has only benefitted from a stalwart in the healthcare field.

With the investment and the brains at this company, Cardinal Health is definitely a strong alternative to Tranquility.



Tranquility ATN Adult Disposable Briefs

Tranquility is definitely a strong contender. Tranquility is family owned and operated for 3 generations now. 

Like Prevail, Tranquility also manufactures adult diapers, pull ups, under pads, personal care products and more in the USA.

Tranquility is known for their ultra-high absorbency, premium overnight diapers. The Tranquility ATN is one of the most popular adult diapers in the U.S. They design adult diapers in a range of sizes and that’s why it’s so easy for almost anyone to find a diaper from Tranquility that is a great fit.



Abena Incontinence Products

Abena is a common and trusted name in the adult industry. They were founded in Denmark and that’s where their headquarters are as of this day.

Abena is a healthcare company that manufactures many other products and adult diapers and pull ups are just two in their portfolio. Tranquility on the other hand focuses just on incontinence products.

Having said that, that’s nothing to take away from Abena. The manufacture some of the best quality diapers and pull ups in the word. 

You can find adult diapers, pads, and even baby diapers from this brand. They are a great alternative to Tranquility but they are slightly more expensive overall.



Tena Adult DiapersTena has been in the business for 50+ years. You don’t remain a household name for that long without making quality products.

Tena is one of the most respected names in the adult diaper business and they’ve earned every bit of it. Tena also focuses on specificity. You can get very specific diapers and pull ups and other incontinence products based on your gender.

Tena is definitely a strong alternative to Tranquility.

What are the various types of adult diapers

With so many manufacturers and marketing tactics, the language can be very confusing. Adult diapers are simply diapers that you can open up and wrap around the wearer and then fasten them with tabs. This is why you’ll notice some manufacturers and retailers refer to them as Adult Diapers with Tabs or even briefs.

Adult Pull ups

These on the other hand, are just like underwear and you wear them just like the name suggests. You slide them up. Patients and caregivers might have various needs and in some cases pull ups might work better well as diapers with tabs might be preferred other times.

Now that you know the difference, consider your situation and decide what will work best for you. No reason you can’t switch back and forth. For those with mobility, it might be easy to slide on a pull up like you would normally get dressed.

Looking for the best adult diapers? See the table comparison below or read our article reviewing only the best of the best.

Compare the Best Adult Diapers Side-by-Side

DiaperCost Per DiaperAbsorbencyStar RatingBuy Now
Abena Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Briefs​$0.75 - $1.10Up to 51 fl. oz.4.5 (774)

Buy on Amazon

Prevail Bariatric Brief with Tabs Ultimate Absorbency

$1.00 - $3.38Heavy4.5 (391)

Buy on Amazon

Tranquility ATN Adult Disposable Briefs$1.42Up to 34 fl. oz.4 (284)

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TENA Overnight Super Protective$1.08 - $1.50Super Absorbent4.5 (745)

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McKesson Ultra Briefs$0.42 - $1.3514.5 fl. oz.4.3 (470)

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Attends Advanced Briefs$0.47Heavy4.2 (1,789)

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FitRight Ultra Adult Diapers$0.75Heavy4.4 (1,663)

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Seni Super Plus Adult Diapers with Tabs$1.07Severe4 (79)

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Prevail Air Overnight Briefs$1.17Severe4 (71)

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