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Launched in 1992 by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Poise brand is the market leader in Light Bladder Leakage prevention and protection products for women. Poise pads and liners come in four different forms (microliners, liners, ultra thins and pads), five absorbencies and offer custom product features such as longer length and wings. New Poise Impressa Bladder Supports helps prevent bladder leaks before they happen and are available in three sizes; women should start with the Poise Impressa Sizing Kit to find the size that helps stop their leaks and fits most comfortably.

Prevail Video Transcript

25 million americans a year suffer from bladder leakage this includes both men and women. Recognizing your symptoms is the first step towards managing issues with bladder control also known as incontinence.

Men and women of all ages can experience loss of bladder control and that’s referred to as incontinence. Some common causes include decreased muscle tone in those muscles that help support the bladder enlarge prostate in men.

Hormonal changes in women as they age and then pregnancy and childbirth.

When someone is experiencing bladder leakage symptoms it’s embarrassing and it’s a difficult thing to talk about.

One of the best things to do is start keeping track of what’s going on does this happen when you cough you sneeze you laugh or lift something heavy is it happening frequently at night where you’re getting up multiple times during the night you have a sudden urge to go to the bathroom and if you don’t make it you’re going to have an accident.

This is really great information to take to your health care provider and that individual could be your physician your nurse practitioner physician assistant or your ob gyn doctor.

Once you give them that information they may be able to help you determine if there’s some underlying cause like a side effect of a medication or a diet or lifestyle change and i know it’s difficult to talk about but the sooner you can have that conversation the sooner you can begin to start looking for solutions.

Women are balancing more than ever in today’s world when it comes to leaks they need modern protection that can keep up with their busy lives.

When someone realizes they have a bladder leakage problem they need to remember they’re not alone and when it comes to managing leaks it really will become part of their daily hygiene routine they also need to understand that ladder leaks don’t correct themselves on their own.

The great news is there are some relatively easy ways that they can manage incontinence. When it comes to incontinent products there’s a wide variety of absorbencies, different levels of protection.

The ultimate goal is to have a product that allows you to feel secure confident and really lets you continue with normal daily activities. We work closely with our partners like Carewell to really make life as simple as possible for caregivers. We do this through our products our education and our clinical support services like our e-nurse team.

Carewell is an e-commerce company that sells home healthcare products such as incontinence nutrition wound care walking aids and more we do so at the very best pricing and with free fast and discreet one to two day shipping. What’s most unique about Carewell is our U.S. based award-winning customer care team and it’s through trusted partnerships with Prevail and their e-nurse team that our care team is trained to provide the support and education that’s required by first-time caregivers who have no idea what they’re doing on how to select and choose the best products for their loved ones and together, Prevail and Carewell are able to really keep our customers and their loved ones healthy happy and safe at home.

And it’s really because family is at the heart of everything we do our best moments often begin with the best hygiene protective hygiene allows people with leaks to feel fresh and clean all day long simply by adding an absorbent undergarment to their hygiene routine. Prevail’s wide range of incontinence products are designed for both women and men whether you are a Prevail user caregiver or healthcare professional.

They can help you better understand leakage and find the best protective hygiene products for your needs. We know it Prevail that in order to provide quality care you have to make better products that’s why when we make our product line we keep in mind four major themes absorption discretion comfort and skin health for example.

Our gender specific underwear comes for both men and women and this is an adult style pull-up it’s very form-fitting it’s absorbent it provides for discretion so people can wear this under their clothes and no one will know and then we have the next generation brief and this is a full adult brief.

It’s a hundred percent breathable which allows for air exchange to the skin and it’s very absorbent. We have a technology in the core that’s called a dual core echnology that has the ability to pull the fluid in and wick it away keeping the skin very dry and then we have a technology called omni odor guard and this is the ability to prevent odors from forming when someone has bladder leakage so it doesn’t cover up the odor but it actually inhibits the ammonia odor from forming that can happen when someone has urine leakage.

All of our products are made while we keep skin health in mind so when someone has bladder leakage their skin can be very vulnerable to damage so it’s very important to try and keep the skin as dry as possible. In between changing the product we have a line of products called incognito by Prevail and this is a product made specifically for women.

It comes in pads and liners and it fits right inside of a women’s regular underwear. First quality is a family-owned company that started in 1989 the second generation of the family continues to be active leaders in the company today and we’re fortunate to have the third generation of the family involved in the daily business operations.

All of our products are 100 made in the United States and that’s something that we’re really proud of. Our Prevail e-nurse team started in 2011 with one nurse. I was actually the original e-nurse and today we have a full team of licensed nurses available 24 hours a day seven days a week to help answer your
questions provide clinical support education and training as the incontinent experts the future of Prevail is to always be innovating our products as we take into consideration the ever-changing landscape of the world today.

To learn more about Prevail or to speak with a Prevail e-nurse visit or call 1-866-573-3776

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