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Seni is a range of products dedicated to people with incontinence. We started with only one product, today we offer a wide range of absorbent products, as well as skin care and supplementary products. On Seni offer one can find bladder control pads for men and women, anatomically shaped pads, all-in-one diapers, elastic absorbent underwear, bed underpads and specialist skin care products.

Seni Video Transcript

Life. Sometimes it presents us with unexpected challenges. One of these can be urinary incontinence. Whether it’s childbirth, diseases in childhood or
adulthood, or simply the issues of old age.

These are the moments when others need our support. For more than 20 years we at Seni have addressed such hurdles and we are always there to maintain and protect the essential comforts of everyday life. When a sense of isolation appears and a breath of normalcy is needed, we are there with knowledge, support and quality products.

We were the first to introduce an entire product line using breathable laminate – an outer layer that allows for free circulation of water vapor reducing the risk of skin irritation, chafing and bedsores. We understand the importance of everyday comfort and security.

Seni products combine high levels of absorption with the assurance of complete discretion. In addition to absorbent products in many varieties and dedicated to many different needs we have introduced complementary products including our Seni Care skin care line.

Offering such a complete line of products allows us to focus on another of our passions – the ergonomics of everyday life. We consider it vital that all of our products are both easy and comfortable to use for both the ultimate user and their caregiver. In our search for new solutions we learn from the experts as well.

For over 20 years we have organized the largest International Long-Term Care Conference in Europe. This meeting gives unique opportunity to exchange experiences by recognized specialists and practitioners who work and interact with people with incontinence every day. We are motivated to spread our know-how and search for optimized solutions in all forms.

We do this traditionally by organizing workshops as well as digitally by creating innovative tools such as Seniomat and SeniControl App. All these activities inspire our continuous development and connection to our community. We are socially involved actively supporting active disabled people in the Seni Cup.

Seni is committed to taking better care not only of our clients but of the world we share. The higher absorption of our products means fewer are needed and less waste is created. Greater compression of products without sacrificing quality or absorption means more packages in a single shipment and fewer deliveries – which is a simple way to reduce air pollution.

The global recognition of Seni’s brand is both an honor and a challenge. Seni products reach over 60 countries. We leverage decades of experience, modern technological solutions, and continuous improvement to provide the highest quality products meeting the needs of the most demanding customers. Driven by care, we embrace the challenge of ensuring the dignity, comfort, and health of all people with incontinence. Seni. Created with Care for a Better Life.

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