Tranquility vs Prevail Adult Diapers

Tranquility and Prevail are some of the leading brands that create incontinence products and adult diapers. Let’s compare them side by side.
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Tranquility and Prevail are both household names in the adult diaper space. They both produce multiple healthcare products and are both trusted brands and very recognizable.

About Tranquility

Tranquility has been a family owned and operated business for 3 generations now. With Tranquility, you get a more personal feel. The owners are deeply involved in the business. Not quite a mom and pop feel but you know that behind this big company, it is a mom and pop operation – which is something very special as caregiving is a personal journey.

About Prevail

Prevail on the other hand is a conglomerate. Or, it at least feel that way as they operate at a larger scale. Surprisingly, Prevail is also a family-owned business based in the United States. Prevail is part of the FirstQuality company.

What Products Does Tranquility Produce

Tranquility produces products in three brands; Tranquility Premium, Tranquility Essential, and Tranquility Specialty.

Tranquility Products for Men

There are about 27 products from men, ranging from the signature ATN adult diapers, underwear or pull ups, Swimmates, daytime briefs, topliner booster pads, personal care products, underpads, contour pads, bariatric briefs and more.

Tranquility Products for Women

There are about 25 products for women. They range from day time underwear, pads, incontinence briefs, pull ups underpads and more.

The absorbency levels for all the products:

  1. Maximum
  2. Super
  3. Heavy
  4. Moderate
Overall, Tranquility is a smaller operation with a limited product offering but very focused.

What Products Does Prevail Produce

Prevail has a wider product suite. Apart from incontinence products they offer feminine care products for the women and various levels of absorbency in the diaper and pull up category for the men.

Prevail Products for Men

The list is way too big to mention here but the main way they categorize the mens products are in light, moderate, and heavy. In the light category you have incontinence guards and pants liners well as in the moderate category you have their Per-Fit series which promises a real comfortable and snug fit.

In the heavy category you see the all through the night options.

Prevail Products for Women

Prevail really caters to both genders and they go all out. The women’s category is filled out with specific products such as the pant liners just for women among various bladder pads.

The biggest difference between Tranquility and Prevail is Prevail’s offerings in the women’s feminine care department. Prevail features a complete selection of feminine care products.

Conclusion, there is no winner or loser in this field of adult diapers. Both companies produce high quality products. At the end, if you are deciding, you can order free samples from both, Tranquility and Prevail and test them out for yourself.

You can head down to your nearest grocery store and pick up a small pack from each brand. Try it and see what best suits you!

If you have a preference, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.



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