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TENA is a brand of Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company. With over 60 years of experience TENA is the No 1 adult incontinence brand globally*. We offer a full range of absorbent products, skincare and digital health technology solutions that are tailored to the needs of individuals, their families and healthcare professionals.

With TENA, Essity is at the forefront of developing products and services that help improve dignity and the quality of people’s lives. Our products reduce our carbon footprint, step by step, we’re not just protecting people, but the planet too.

TENA Video Transcript

Okay question why are so many of us still using period pads to stop urine leakage. I get it you’re embarrassed but there’s no shame in a little bit of wee so my advice ladies next time you’re in the supermarket don’t bother buying a product that wasn’t made for the job.

You wouldn’t use toothpaste instead of moisturizer would you and unlike period pads Tenor pads are specifically designed to absorb we faster they’re made with tiny little beads that lock in your wheat and prevent bacteria and so you don’t have to worry about smell.

And i get it you’re probably imagining waddling around with a big bulky brick between your legs no thank you they’re way thinner than you’d expect see I’m wearing one now no big deal.

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