Diaper Banks: What are They and Where to Find One.

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Diapers, be it adult diapers or infant diapers can quickly become expensive. Most adults use 4 – 5 diapers a day. Add this up over the course of a month, this gets expensive. Infants use more than twice as much. The average cost of diapers per month can be anywhere between $80 to $150.

That’s just the diapers. Factor in the cost of wipes, lotions, and other supporting products when raising a toddler or managing incontinence as an adult. Families can face high costs month after month. Inflation, gas prices, food prices, can all place stress on those already struggling to make ends meet.

There are organizations that help families that are struggling by supplying food, clothing, and even focused just on infant and adult diapers. If you or someone you know could use some help with getting free diapers, then read on. We talk about what a diaper bank is, how it works, and how can you find one in your city near you.

What is a Diaper Bank?

A diaper bank is a social institution that’s run as a non-profit. They collect diapers from generous volunteers and give them away for free to those in their community. Plenty of diaper banks are founded by people who faced such a struggle then decided to help those in a similar situation. Most other times, these are also formed by local churches or other non-profits.

Diaper banks vary in sizes. Some are run by a family that has decided to help their community out. They operate from a small store front and are limited in their operation due to their funding. Other diaper banks however, operate on a larger scale and have donors, volunteers, and are probably open a few days a week.

In the smaller diaper banks, you might find just diaper assistance. Larger diaper banks are generally part of something larger – like a food bank. So the chances of finding other assistance, apart from just diapers is higher at the larger banks. Most have their contact details so it is alway a good idea to call before you visit.

How do you Find a Diaper Bank Near You?

Almost every state and many cities have diaper banks in them and finding them might not be easy. Databases of diaper banks are not up to date. Because a lot of diaper banks are formed by small families, they either shut down or move and the database is not updated or the website contains incorrect information.

So if you find a diaper bank online, always call first. One of the best places to find a diaper bank near you is to visit https://nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org/.

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